Document Titles Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Summary Chapter's Document Titles Section contains fields managing the document's title, subtitle and version. These fields can contain any text value.

Section Fields

The section contains three fields:

  • Document Title Field: The document's title can be any text value. Typically the title value summarizes the contents and document version.
  • Document Subtitle Field: The subtitle can be any text string although it typically indicates the owner or source of the document.
  • Document Version Field: The version can be any text string although it typically contains the date and time of the last document update.
Tip: Field Help

For documentation on a specific field, choose the 'Show Help' command from the field section's menu. Display the section's menu by clicking on the menu icon located in the section's upper right corner. (See Section Help for more details.)

Editing a Datum Value

Clicking the left mouse button on a datum control activates the Text Edit dialog enabling you to enter a value.

Documentation on the Text Edit dialog can be found here.

Datum Commands Menu

Clicking the right mouse button within a field's datum control activates the field's datum commands menu.

Documentation on each of the menu commands can be found here.

Example: Edit the document's title (or subtitle or version)
  1. Click the left mouse button on the title field.
  2. The Document Title edit dialog is activated.
  3. Enter any text value. Clicking the right mouse button on the dialog's edit control will display the commands menu enabling you to copy text, paste text, change case and insert symbols.
    (See documentation on the Symbol Dialog for more details on entering symbols.)
  4. Finally press the Save button to store the entered value into the current document.
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