Text Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Text Dialog is used by many fields to display and edit values. For example, clicking the left mouse button on the Publisher Name field, found in a document's Reference Chapter, will activate the dialog.

The dialog contains a Save button, a Cancel button, a value edit control and sometimes a List button:

Datum Control: displays and enables editing of the physical property's value. Typically, because the physical property value is a string, very little if any verification is done of the entered value.
List Button: when displayed, the List button compiles a list of suggestions. For example, pressing the List button on the Text dialog used to edit a Reference's Publisher Name property, would compile and display all publishers found in the current knowledge base.
Date Control: inserts the current date and time into the Comments Control. These values are inserted at the cursor's current position. Pressing the dialog's Date button displays a menu giving you the option of selecting from different date + time formats.
Save Button: stores the entered values into the current document.
Commands Menu

Clicking the right mouse button within the dialog's edit control will display the edit control's commands menu.

Documentation on each of the menu commands can be found here. See also documentation for the Symbol Dialog and Changing Case.

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