Reporting Physical Properties
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Report documents are useful tools for compiling, displaying and exchanging physical property data, estimates and graphs. See the documentation on Report Document and Report Chapter for background information on Reports.

Every chapter and many dialogs can add their contents to reports. Chapters typically have a 'Report ... Properties' command on their Commands menu.

Many dialogs will have one or more buttons that will transfer values to a Report document.

The Report button will transfer evaluation results to a Report Document.

Reporting is typically done on a section or dialog basis. For example, you will report all the properties in the Chemical Chapter's Constant Properties Section rather than each individual property. However, one these properties are reported, you can edit the report document to remove unwanted information.

Example: Report chemical properties
  1. Open the MKS Report Examples document and navigate to the Reports Chapter. (Open a "working" document or create a copy of a document (see here) if you are just experimenting with this functionality.)
  2. Create a new Report entity by pressing the "+" button in the menubar or executing the "Add New Page" command found on the Edit menu. A new, blank Reference page will be added to the current document.
  3. Click the left mouse button on the Identifier Pane's edit field. The application will activate the Identifier dialog.
    Click the left mouse button in the Identifier Pane's edit control to add or edit the Report's identifier.
  4. Add information to the dialog and press the Save button to save the data into the document.
  5. Open the MKS Core Knowledge Base and navigate to the Chemicals Chapter.
  6. Activate the Go To Dialog by selecting the Go To command from the Navigation menu or by pressing cntrl-g. (See the All Entities Dialog for more details.)
  7. Select Ethyl acetate and press the OK button. The application will navigate to ethyl aceate's page.
  8. Select the Report Chemical Properties command from the chapter's Commands menu.
  9. The application will activate the Report Properties Dialog. Selection the destination entity by selecting the document and the report. (We will use the example report we just created.)
    Select the document containing the Report into which you wish to add additional values.
    Select the Report into which you wish to add additional values.
    Select the property to add to the report. Properties are grouped by section. Thus to add critical temperature data to the report, you would select the Critical Properties: Active entry.
  10. Select those properties you wish to add to the Report and press the OK button. The application will display the property data in the report you selected.
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