Report Document
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Cranium and Synapse can generate large amounts of data. Cranium can easily estimate the value of a physical property at hundreds of temperature points. Synapse can generate hundreds (or many more) chemical candidates. These data must often be organized into a standard report for distribution or archival storage.

Typical Usage
  • Using the Report Informtion command found in on the Commands menu of most chapters, information displayed in chapters is added to Reports for easy distribution and archiving.
  • Output of technique evaluations, data analyses and compilations are added to reports to summarize physical property investigations.
  • The results of selections and designs are added to reports for incorporation into project summaries.
  • Reports are exported into html format for display on company websites.
Document Chapters

A Report Document stores the output from Cranium and Synapse in a standard "written report" format. A Report Document contains three chapters. Each of these chapters can be accessed by clicking on its corresponding tab in the document's Tab Pane.

Chapter Description
Summary Chapter manages title, descriptions and other information about the Report document
Reports Chapter displays and manages report entities
References Chapter manages the details of references used through the document
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