Copying a Document
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Many times it is desirable to create a copy of the document you are currently working on, e.g., when creating knowledge bases for storing chemical or mixture design results, for backup purposes or simply to create a document for experimentation purposes. (We often refer to documents create for testing or experimentation as "scratch" or "working" documents.)

Tip: No need to copy in Reader version

The Reader versions of Cranium and Synapse do not allow you to make copies of documents. If you are using a Reader version you can freely edit the original document without concern. A Reader version does not save any changes.

Example: Create a copy of a knowledge base
  1. Select a knowledge base, e.g., the MKS Core Knowledge Base, and press the Open button. You can choose any of the knowledge bases that come with Cranium or Synapse. The selected knowledge base will be activated.
  2. Choose the 'Save a Copy' command from the File menu. The application displays the Save As dialog.
  3. Choose a location and enter a name for the knowledge base copy, e.g., “MKS Core Knowledge Base - Work”.
  4. Finally press the dialog’s Save button.

The application will display the Save Copy Progress dialog showing the progress of the save operation. The dialog will indicate when the document has been copied and give you the option of opening the copied document.

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