Publisher Information Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Publisher Information Section contains five two fields:

  • Name: the name of the reference's publisher.
  • Location: the reference publisher's location typically listed as 'city, state, country'.
Editing Publisher Information

The Publisher Name and Publisher Location fields both contain text values and are both edited in the same manner.

Clicking the left mouse button on either of these field's value control activates the edit dialog. Any text value can be entered. See the documentation for the Text Edit dialog for editing details.

Pressing the dialog's List button displays a list of all the publisher names or publisher locations present in the current document.

Clicking the left mouse button on either of the section's field value controls activates the edit dialog. Pressing the edit dialog's List button will activate the Compiled Text dialog.

For example, clicking the left mouse button on the Publisher Name field and then pressing the Text Edit dialog's List button activates the Compiled Text dialog containing a listing of all publisher names in the current document.

The dialog's Recommend button will be enabled if the application has recommendations available.

The Compiled Text Dialog's Recommend button will be enabled if the application has one or more recommendations available. The application uses different algorithms to make recommendations. For publisher name recommendations, the application will search the references of the current document tabulating the publisher names of other references that have the same Source Title.

Pressing the Recommend button will display the list of recommendations found by the application.

Field Commands Menu

Clicking the right mouse button within a field's edit control activates the field's commands menu.

The menu's commands enable you to copy, cut and paste values to and from the data control. See Common Menu Commands for documentation on the commands commonly found on command menus.

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