Set Phrase Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

The Phrase Dialog enables you to store a phrase that can be quickly added to a datum's comment text.

The dialog is activated by pressing the Set Phrase buttton which is available in most value edit dialogs.

Example: Store a comment phrase
  1. Open a knowledge base document. (Open a "working" document or create a copy of a document (see here) if you are just experimenting with this functionality.)
  2. Change to the Chemicals chapter. Scroll to the Constant Properties Section and click the left mouse button on the melting point data control.
  3. The Melting Point edit dialog is activated.
  4. Press the Set button located to the right of the Comments control. The Phrase dialog is activated.
  5. Enter a phrase into the dialog's edit control. Here at MKS we typically enter a short phrase designating an individual, e.g. "MKS001". This phrase is then entered in every datum's comment thus recording who entered the datum's values.
  6. Finally press the save button to store the phrase to disk.
  7. Now press the phrase button. The newly entered phrase is inserted into the datum dialog's comments control.
Tip: Phrases are stored per computer

The phrase entered in the Phrase Dialog is stored on the computer you are working on, not in the document you are working on. Thus, every document you work on using the same computer will have the same phrase available for insertion. Someone working on the same document but on another computer may have a different phrase stored.

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