Bookmark Scanning Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (version 0315+)

Scanning through a document's pages is sometimes a very informative process:

  • scanning through the molecular structures that are the results of a chemical design can often identify structural similarities
  • comparing physical property data graphs agains a static curve can quickly identify chemicals of interest
  • scanning through chemicals that all have the same application is a good initial step in developing design or selection constraints
Scannnig Using Bookmarks

Cranium and Synapse enable you to use bookmarks to scan through the pages of a document. A scan is started by selecting the Bookmarks menu's Scan Using Bookmark command. (Note that the command will only be enabled if the current document has selected a bookmark set.)

The command activates the Scanning Dialog which enables you to control the speed of the scan or stop the scan if desired. The dialog uses the selected bookmarks to page through the current document.

Bookmark Control: displays the name of the bookmark set whose bookmarks are used to navigate the current document.
Scan Speed Control: enables select the speed at which pages are turned. You can click the left mouse button on either side of the center pointer to increase or decrease the navigation speed. You can also click and hold the left mouse button on the pointer to drag it to the left or right.
Stop Button: pressing this button stops the navigation and closes the scanning dialog.
Example: Scanning through bookmarked solvents
  1. Open the MKS Bookmark Examples document, change to the Bookmark Sets chapter, and navigate to the 'Solvents, Archer' bookmark set. (See documentation on Navigation Overview for details on navigating chapters and pages.)
  2. Open the MKS Sample Knowledge Base document.
  3. Select the Select Bookmarks Set command from the main Bookmarks menu. The application activates the Select Bookmark Dialog.
  4. Select the 'Solvents, Archer' bookmark and press the dialog's OK button. The knowledge base document will display this bookmark in the lower right corner of its window.
  5. Select the 'Scan Using Bookmark' command from the main Bookmarks menu.
  6. The application activates the Scanning Dialog navigating to each of the bookmarked entities.
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