Select Bookmark Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse (core versions 0315+)

Bookmarks can be used for enhanced navigation and selection throughout Cranium and Synapse. The Select Bookmark dialog is used to select a bookmark for use.

Control listing all open bookmark documents.
Browse button enables you to open a bookmark document. This is very useful because adding entities to a bookmark is sometimes desired after a long calculation, selection or compilation. If the desired bookmark document is not open, you can use the Browse button to open it.
List of Bookmark Sets contained in the selected bookmark document.
Depending upon the context, you may store entities in a bookmark set or use the set for selection. This control enables you to specify how the bookmark should be used.
Example: Select a bookmark for enhanced navigation

One of the most common uses for a bookmark set is to provide enhanced navigation.

  1. Open the MKS Bookmark Examples document.
  2. Using the tabs at the top of the document, change to the Bookmark Sets Chapter by clicking the left mouse button on Bookmark Sets tab.
  3. Navigate to the "Solvents, ACS Green Chemistry Institute" bookmark set. (See the Navigation Overview documentation for details on navigating chapters and pages.)
  4. The bookmark contains a list of solvents considered to be environmentally friendly. We will use this bookmark set to navigate through a knowledge base.
  5. Open the MKS Core Knowledge Base document.
  6. Choose the Select Bookmark Set command from the Bookmarks menu. This command can also be executed by press the large letter "B" located on the toolbar. The application will activate the Select Bookmark dialog.
  7. Select the "Solvents, ACS Green Chemistry Institute" bookmark and press the dialog's OK button.
  8. The selected bookmark will be displayed in the lower right corner of the knowledge base's window.
  9. Press the First Bookmark button located in the application's toolbar.
    Select bookmark button.
    First bookmark button.
    Previous bookmark button.
    Next bookmark button.
    Last bookmark button.
  10. The application will turn to the knowledge base's Chemicals and to the Acetic acid page. This is the first bookmark in the Solvents, ACS Green Chemistry Institute bookmark. Note that acetic acid is not the first chemical in the knowledge base.
  11. Press the Next Bookmark button. The application will use the list of chemicals in the bookmark to navigate through the Chemicals Chapter.
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