SYNAPSE, Professional Edition 4.1 - Major Upgrade Procedure

Version 4.1 is the current version of Synapse, Professional Edition. If you are running Synapse version 3.0 or earlier, you will need to perform a major upgrade. A major upgrade consists of two parts:

  1. You must upgrade the Synapse license key (USB key) to Version 4.
  2. You must upgrade the Synapse application to Version 4.1.

The sections below detail these two steps. You can also dowload the following presentation that goes into even more detail (with more pictures): Upgrade Procedure.

Upgrade Your License Key
  1. A fee is required when upgrading between major versions of Synapse, e.g., upgrading from version 3.0 to version 4.1. Contact us for details.
  2. Once the upgrade fee has been paid, we will email you a "V2C File" containing the information needed to upgrade your license key. Save this file to a location on your computer's hard disk.
  3. Insert your license key into your computer. (If you are updating multiple keys, insert only one key at a time and repeat this procedure for each key.)
  4. Select the License Key Control menu item from the Synapse Professional Start Menu folder. Your browser will display the Sentinel Admin Control Center. (Note: the License Key Control menu item was called Network Key Control in earlier versions of Synapse.)
  5. Click on the Update/Attach command. The Update/Attach page will be displayed.
  6. Press the Choose File button and select the V2C file sent to you by us.
  7. Press the Apply File button. The update will be applied to the attached license key.

Warning: once you upgrade your license key, you cannot run previous versions of Synapse.

Once you receive your V2C file, select the License Key Control command from Synapse's start menu group, select the Update/Attach command from the Control Center, press the Choose File button to read in the V2C file, and finally press the Apply File button.

Upgrade Your Application

Warning: installing this update will remove previous versions of Synapse. If you do not have a license for Synapse version 4, you will no longer be able to run your previous version. Please contact Molecular Knowledge Systems to obtain major upgrade details.

Complete the form below, click the 'Download Update' button. The download page will be displayed. Click the download link, and execute the installer program to install the latest version of Synapse.

First Name (required):

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Company (required):

Human Check (required)
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Pressing the Download Update button will take you to the Upgrade page. Click the Download Synapse link on the page to download the installation program.

Once the installation program has been downloaded, click the open file link to begin the upgrade.