XY Graphs Chapter
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse

The XY Graphs chapter is found in XY Graph documents. The chapter manages the xy graphs displaying data found in the document's xy data sets chapter.

Typical Usage
  • XY graphs comparing estimated values versus data values are very useful for identifying error trends and outliers. Both data and estimates can be easily transferred from knowledge bases to XY graphs.
  • XY graphs are very useful for identifying relationships between variables that can form the basis of new estimation techniques.
XY Graphs Chapter Sections

The chapter's datapane is divided into four sections:

  • XY Datasets Section: contains a field for managing the data sets that are displayed on the current graph.
  • XY Graph Section: contains one large field for viewing and editing axes, data points curves, shapes and notes that comprise the current xy graph.
  • General Notes Section: used to store any general notes about the current graph. This field often contains a brief overview of the current graph's contents.
  • Associated Documents Section: used to store links to any documents associated with the current graph.
XY Graphs Chapter Commands

The XY Graphs chapter's commands are available from the chapter's Commands menu.

Common Commands

The menubar provides numerous other commands for navigation, bookmarking, file operations, units conversion, etc. See the documentation on Common Commands for details.

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