Set Property Units Dialog
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse

Cranium and Synapse assign display units to each property they manage. This assignment is stored at the application level. This means that every open document will use the same set of units. It also means that two separate Cranium applications can open the same knowledge base but have the data displayed in different units.

Units can be changed by choosing the Set Units command from the Options menu or by clicking the left mouse button on a displayed units control. Units controls are typically found to the right of data controls.

Example: Change a property's displayed units
  1. Open the MKS Core Knowledge Base document and change to the Mixtures Chapter by clicking the left mouse button on Mixtures tab. (See the Navigation Overview documentation for details on navigating chapters and pages.)
  2. Using the Navigation menu's Go To command, change to the page displaying values for the "1,4-Dioxane + n-Butane" mixture.
  3. Scroll down to the Composition Dependent Section and click on the the Property control, if needed, to display the mixture's critical temperature values.
    Property values are currently displayed in units of K.
  4. Select the Set Units command from the Options menu. The application will activate the Set Property Units dialog.
    The Property control lists all physical properties known to the application.
    The Units control lists all available units of measure for the selected property.
    Pressing the dialog's Std Units button will select the standard units in the Units control for the selected property.
  5. Select the "Critical Temperature - f(X)" property and units of "R" (Rankine). Then press the dialog's OK button. The application will redisplay all values in all open documents in the selected units.
    Property values are now displayed in units of R.
Tip: Units are stored in user preferences

The units you select for displaying values are stored in your user preferences on the current computer. Thus, when you close Cranium or Synapse and then reopen it, your units of measure selections are retained.

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