General Notes Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse

The General Notes section is part of almost every chapter found in MKS documents. You can enter any text within the section's field. Typically these notes describe details about the current entity that are not captured in the chapter's property fields.

Example: Edit the general notes of an estimation technique entity
  1. Open a knowledge base document. (Open a "working" document or create a copy of a document (see here) if you are just experimenting with this functionality.)
  2. Change to the Techniques chapter. Scroll to the General Notes Section (typically located near the bottom of the chapter's data pane).
  3. Click the left mouse button on the section's edit field.
  4. The General Notes edit dialog is activated.
  5. Enter any text value. Clicking the right mouse button on the dialog's edit control displays the commands menu enabling you to copy text, paste text and insert symbols. (See documentation on the Symbol Dialog for more details.)
  6. Pressing the Date button will enter the current date and time into the edit control. Pressing the Phrase button will enter the currently stored phrase into the edit control. Pressing the Set button enables you to change this stored phrase. (See the Phrase Dialog documentation for more details.)
  7. Finally press the Save button to store the entered value into the current document.
Tip: Entity notes are accessible

Notes entered into the General Notes field are available at various locations throughout Cranium and Synapse.

Example: Display the general notes associated with an estimation technique
  1. Open a knowledge base document. (Any knowledge base will do.)
  2. Change to the Techniques chapter.
  3. Activate the Go To Dialog by selecting the Go To command from the Navigation menu or by pressing cntrl-g.
  4. The Go To Technique dialog is activated.
  5. Select an estimation technique from the entities list. Press the Notes button. The Entity Notes dialog is activated.
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