Bookmarks Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse

A Bookmark is a name-type pair. Some example bookmarks are {Acetone, Chemical}, {Acetone + Water, Mixture} and {Budavari (1996), Reference}. Bookmarks are used throughout Cranium and Synapse for navigation, selection and general organization.

The Bookmark Chapter's Bookmarked Entities Section contains the Bookmark entity's list of bookmarks.

Example: Manually add a bookmark
  1. Click the left mouse button in the Bookmarked Entities Section's data entry control. The application activates the Edit Bookmarked Entities dialog.
    The Bookmarked Entities table displays bookmarks, i.e., name-type pairs.
    The dialog provides command buttons for editing, sorting and adding rows to the table. Pressing the Commands button or clicking the right mouse button on the table will display a menu containing additional commands.
  2. Click the left mouse button on an empty row and press the Edit button. You can also double-click the left mouse button on a table row to edit the row.
  3. The application activates the Edit Bookmark dialog.
  4. The dialog's Edit Information section contains controls for entering the bookmarked entity's name and entity type. The Browse button is enabled if "Document" is selected as the entity type. The entity type control is a combobox listing all the entity types that can be bookmarked.
  5. Enter "Ethyl acetate" for the the name and select Chemical for the type.
  6. Enter a comment string. Use the Date and Phrase buttons to assist entry. (See the documentation on the Set Phrase dialog for details on setting the comment phrase.)
  7. Press the dialog's OK button. The application will add the entered bookmark to the list of bookmarks in the dialog.
  8. Finally press the dialog's Save button. The entered bookmark pairs will be stored into the current document.
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