Associated Documents Section
Applicability: Cranium, Synapse

One of the main goals of Cranium and Synapse is to provide a common container for all information about chemicals, mixtures and estimation techniques. The source of this information includes books, journal articles, technical reports, websites, etc. The Associated Documents field helps keep track of all these sources by storing their name and location.

Example: Associate a website with ethyl acetate
  1. Open the MKS Core Knowledge Base, change to the Chemicals chapter and scroll down to the Associated Documents section.
  2. Click the left mouse button in the field’s table’s data pane. The application activates the Associated Documents edit dialog.
  3. Select an empty row and press the Edit button. Cranium displays the Edit or Open Associated Document dialog. Enter the values shown here (The entry for the comment can be anything you wish):
    • Name: PubChem, Ethyl acetate
    • Location:
  4. Press the OK button when finished. The application will return to the Associated Documents edit dialog.
  5. Press the Save button to store the new values in the document.

Once a document has been entered it can be viewed using the edit dialog's Open command.

Example: Open an associated document
  1. Click the left mouse button on the Associated Document field's table. The application will activate the Edit or Open Associated Documents dialog.
  2. Select one of the entries and press the dialog's Open button. The application will display the selected document in the appropriate application.
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