;;; Exported using CRANIUM 4.1 - Version 4.1, Core 321 ;;; Knowledge Base: Aspen Export KB.mkskbd ;;; Exported on Dec 04, 2020 at 08:43:45 DESCRIPTION "Generated by CRANIUM 4.1" ;;; Names and synonyms COMPONENTS ;; 2,3-Epoxy-1-propanol COMP0001 * / ;; Acetic acid C2H4O2-1 * / ;; Cyclohexanol C6H12O-1 * / ;; Ethanol C2H6O-2 * / ;; Ethyl acetate C4H8O2-3 * / ;; n-Hexane C6H14-1 * / ;; Toluene C7H8 * / ;; Vinyl chloride C2H3CL * ;;; UNIFAC structural groups STRUCTURES UNIFAC COMP0001 1005 1 / 1010 1 / 1200 1 & / 1610 1 UNIFAC C2H4O2-1 1405 1 / 1200 1 UNIFAC C6H12O-1 1005 1 / 1200 1 / 1010 5 UNIFAC C2H6O-2 1015 1 / 1010 1 / 1200 1 UNIFAC C4H8O2-3 1015 1 / 1010 1 / 1505 1 UNIFAC C6H14-1 1015 2 / 1010 4 UNIFAC C7H8 1160 1 / 1105 5 UNIFAC C2H3CL 1070 1 / 2800 1 ;;; Molecular Weight (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-048 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST MW PVAL COMP0001 7.407900e+01 PVAL C2H4O2-1 6.005300e+01 PVAL C6H12O-1 1.001610e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 4.606900e+01 PVAL C4H8O2-3 8.810510e+01 PVAL C6H14-1 8.617700e+01 PVAL C7H8 9.214100e+01 PVAL C2H3CL 6.249900e+01 ;;; Melting Point (K) PROP-DATA PROP-046 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST TFP PVAL COMP0001 2.281500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.894900e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 2.966000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.590500e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.896000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 1.778300e+02 PVAL C7H8 1.781590e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 1.193100e+02 ;;; Critical Temperature (K) PROP-DATA PROP-016 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST TC PVAL COMP0001 6.293904e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 5.927100e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 6.501000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 5.139200e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 5.232000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 5.075000e+02 PVAL C7H8 5.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 4.290000e+02 ;;; Boiling Point (K) PROP-DATA PROP-011 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST TB PVAL COMP0001 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 3.910500e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 4.340000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 3.837800e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 2.597800e+02 ;;; Autoignition Temperature (K) PROP-DATA PROP-196 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST AIT PVAL COMP0001 6.450093e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 7.370389e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 5.731500e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 6.359278e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 6.998167e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 4.981500e+02 PVAL C7H8 7.531500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 7.453722e+02 ;;; Critical Pressure (Pa) PROP-DATA PROP-015 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST PC PVAL COMP0001 7.350434e+06 PVAL C2H4O2-1 5.786000e+06 PVAL C6H12O-1 4.260000e+06 PVAL C2H6O-2 6.137000e+06 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.830000e+06 PVAL C6H14-1 3.012000e+06 PVAL C7H8 4.108000e+06 PVAL C2H3CL 5.300000e+06 ;;; Critical Volume (m3/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-017 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST VC PVAL COMP0001 2.005000e-01 PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.710000e-01 PVAL C6H12O-1 3.235000e-01 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.670000e-01 PVAL C4H8O2-3 2.860000e-01 PVAL C6H14-1 3.700000e-01 PVAL C7H8 3.160000e-01 PVAL C2H3CL 1.810000e-01 ;;; Dipole Moment (C m) PROP-DATA PROP-024 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST MUP PVAL COMP0001 4.800000e-30 PVAL C2H4O2-1 5.804014e-30 PVAL C6H12O-1 6.204300e-30 PVAL C2H6O-2 5.637232e-30 PVAL C4H8O2-3 5.937439e-30 PVAL C6H14-1 0.000000e+00 PVAL C7H8 1.200830e-30 PVAL C2H3CL 4.836678e-30 ;;; Enthalpy of Combustion at 298K (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-027 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST HCOM PVAL COMP0001 -1.657899e+09 PVAL C2H4O2-1 -8.745397e+08 PVAL C6H12O-1 -3.726982e+09 PVAL C2H6O-2 -1.367582e+09 PVAL C4H8O2-3 -2.237497e+09 PVAL C6H14-1 -4.163122e+09 PVAL C7H8 -3.909900e+09 PVAL C2H3CL -1.190240e+09 ;;; Enthalpy of Formation, Vapor at 298K (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-028 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DHFORM PVAL COMP0001 -3.166800e+08 PVAL C2H4O2-1 -4.328000e+08 PVAL C6H12O-1 -2.862000e+08 PVAL C2H6O-2 -2.353000e+08 PVAL C4H8O2-3 -4.441000e+08 PVAL C6H14-1 -1.672800e+08 PVAL C7H8 5.000000e+07 PVAL C2H3CL 2.508000e+07 ;;; Enthalpy of Fusion at Tm (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-029 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST HFUS PVAL COMP0001 1.372800e+07 PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.172000e+07 PVAL C6H12O-1 7.219000e+06 PVAL C2H6O-2 4.931000e+06 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.048500e+07 PVAL C6H14-1 1.303080e+07 PVAL C7H8 7.927000e+06 PVAL C2H3CL 4.916000e+06 ;;; Enthalpy of Vaporization at Tb (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-031 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DHVLB PVAL COMP0001 5.194635e+07 PVAL C2H4O2-1 3.944397e+07 PVAL C6H12O-1 4.073985e+07 PVAL C2H6O-2 3.924342e+07 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.190209e+07 PVAL C6H14-1 2.887045e+07 PVAL C7H8 3.331904e+07 PVAL C2H3CL 2.139326e+07 ;;; Absolute Entropy, Vapor at 298K (J/kg-mol K) PROP-DATA PROP-032 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST ENT PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.825000e+05 PVAL C6H12O-1 3.600400e+05 PVAL C2H6O-2 2.825900e+05 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.627500e+05 PVAL C6H14-1 3.884000e+05 PVAL C7H8 3.206600e+05 ;;; Flash Point, Closed Cup (K) PROP-DATA PROP-036 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST FP PVAL COMP0001 3.541225e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 3.125944e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 3.403500e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 2.861500e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 2.687056e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 2.514833e+02 PVAL C7H8 2.807000e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 2.010530e+02 ;;; Gibbs Energy of Formation, Vapor at 298K (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-038 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DGFORM PVAL COMP0001 -1.734000e+08 PVAL C2H4O2-1 -3.745116e+08 PVAL C6H12O-1 -1.189153e+08 PVAL C2H6O-2 -1.686599e+08 PVAL C4H8O2-3 -3.283934e+08 PVAL C6H14-1 -7.209416e+04 PVAL C7H8 1.222286e+08 PVAL C2H3CL 5.628000e+07 ;;; Radius of Gyration (m) PROP-DATA PROP-060 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST RGYR PVAL COMP0001 2.834000e-10 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.610000e-10 PVAL C6H12O-1 3.601000e-10 PVAL C2H6O-2 2.259000e-10 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.468000e-10 PVAL C6H14-1 3.769000e-10 PVAL C7H8 3.472000e-10 PVAL C2H3CL 2.049000e-10 ;;; Solubility Parameter, Total ((J/m3)^1/2) PROP-DATA PROP-065 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DELTA PVAL COMP0001 2.954803e+04 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.650000e+04 PVAL C6H12O-1 2.367200e+04 PVAL C2H6O-2 2.610000e+04 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.820000e+04 PVAL C6H14-1 1.490000e+04 PVAL C7H8 1.830000e+04 PVAL C2H3CL 1.593524e+04 ;;; Triple Point, Temperature (K) PROP-DATA PROP-177 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST TPT PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.896900e+02 ;;; Acentric Factor (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-007 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST OMEGA PVAL COMP0001 7.775391e-01 PVAL C2H4O2-1 4.470000e-01 PVAL C6H12O-1 5.280000e-01 PVAL C2H6O-2 6.440000e-01 PVAL C4H8O2-3 3.620000e-01 PVAL C6H14-1 2.990000e-01 PVAL C7H8 2.630000e-01 PVAL C2H3CL 9.757453e-02 ;;; Critical Compressibility (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-014 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST ZC PVAL COMP0001 2.816259e-01 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.010000e-01 PVAL C6H12O-1 2.549582e-01 PVAL C2H6O-2 2.400000e-01 PVAL C4H8O2-3 2.520000e-01 PVAL C6H14-1 2.640000e-01 PVAL C7H8 2.640000e-01 PVAL C2H3CL 2.690000e-01 ;;; Flammability Limit, Lower (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-034 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST FLML PVAL COMP0001 2.871913e+00 PVAL C2H4O2-1 4.000000e+00 PVAL C6H12O-1 2.963595e-01 PVAL C2H6O-2 3.300000e+00 PVAL C4H8O2-3 2.000000e+00 PVAL C6H14-1 1.100000e+00 PVAL C7H8 1.100000e+00 PVAL C2H3CL 3.600000e+00 ;;; Flammability Limit, Upper (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-035 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST FLMU PVAL COMP0001 2.461362e+01 PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.990000e+01 PVAL C6H12O-1 9.344479e+00 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.900000e+01 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.150000e+01 PVAL C6H14-1 7.500000e+00 PVAL C7H8 7.100000e+00 PVAL C2H3CL 3.300000e+01 ;;; Refractive Index, Liquid at 293K (- - -) PROP-DATA PROP-144 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST RI PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.405259e+00 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.361390e+00 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.372330e+00 PVAL C6H14-1 1.374860e+00 PVAL C7H8 1.496820e+00 PVAL C2H3CL 1.409303e+00 ;;; Density, Liquid - f(T) (kg-mol/m3) PROP-DATA PROP-019 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DNLDIP PVAL COMP0001 1.051985e+00 2.437851e-01 6.400476e+02 & 2.593295e-01 0.000000e+00 2.304315e+02 & 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.160382e+00 2.273295e-01 6.850493e+02 & 3.322253e-01 0.000000e+00 2.923849e+02 & 3.910500e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 9.043109e-01 2.714147e-01 6.621867e+02 & 3.549444e-01 0.000000e+00 2.995660e+02 & 4.340000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.166242e+00 2.268992e-01 7.915558e+02 & 4.505122e-01 0.000000e+00 1.606405e+02 & 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 9.319379e-01 2.608106e-01 5.342746e+02 & 3.090095e-01 0.000000e+00 1.914960e+02 & 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 7.914410e-01 2.782573e-01 5.119520e+02 & 3.006288e-01 0.000000e+00 1.796083e+02 & 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 8.627344e-01 2.707843e-01 5.639054e+02 & 2.565294e-01 0.000000e+00 1.799406e+02 & 3.837800e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 1.120743e+00 2.331239e-01 4.397843e+02 & 2.472488e-01 0.000000e+00 1.205031e+02 & 2.597800e+02 ;;; Enthalpy of Vaporization - f(T) (J/kg-mol) PROP-DATA PROP-030 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST DHVLDP PVAL C6H12O-1 9.690556e+07 8.724441e-01 -3.352870e-01 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 2.995660e+02 & 6.501000e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 4.933000e+07 3.847000e-01 4.360156e-17 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.914960e+02 & 5.232000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 4.678084e+07 4.829361e-01 -7.951665e-02 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.796083e+02 & 5.075000e+02 PVAL C7H8 5.082062e+07 4.322918e-01 -4.858532e-02 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.799406e+02 & 5.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 3.557000e+07 4.825000e-01 -5.615707e-16 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.205031e+02 & 4.290000e+02 ;;; Heat Capacity - Isobaric, Liquid - f(T) (J/kg-mol K) PROP-DATA PROP-040 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST CPLDIP PVAL COMP0001 4.286779e+05 -2.287651e+03 8.639590e+00 & -1.453292e-02 9.699026e-06 2.304315e+02 & 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 9.505170e+06 -1.158385e+05 5.340768e+02 & -1.091339e+00 8.357132e-04 2.923849e+02 & 3.910500e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 8.530000e+04 4.122000e+02 -2.101400e-11 & 3.847910e-14 -2.629476e-17 2.995660e+02 & 4.340000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 9.456000e+04 -5.620000e+01 -3.290000e-01 & 2.398000e-03 -9.180353e-20 1.606405e+02 & 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 2.262300e+05 -6.248000e+02 1.472000e+00 & -4.754563e-15 4.467287e-18 1.914960e+02 & 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 3.692660e+05 -3.080789e+03 1.680590e+01 & -3.889981e-02 3.567435e-05 1.796083e+02 & 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 1.611240e+05 -3.075524e+02 5.301470e-01 & 3.043610e-03 -5.069501e-06 1.799406e+02 & 3.837800e+02 ;;; Heat Capacity - Isobaric, Solid - f(T) (J/kg-mol K) PROP-DATA PROP-041 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST CPSDIP PVAL C2H6O-2 4.192692e+03 5.684168e+02 -1.274597e+00 & 3.992410e-03 -5.818889e-06 7.905000e+01 & 1.590500e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 6.461709e+03 6.835207e+02 -1.202797e+00 & 2.973004e-03 -3.437288e-06 1.096000e+02 & 1.896000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 2.469202e+03 1.013361e+03 -2.620498e+00 & 2.146550e-03 1.604332e-05 9.783000e+01 & 1.778300e+02 PVAL C7H8 5.860782e+03 6.751891e+02 -1.291824e+00 & 3.466084e-03 -4.343302e-06 9.815900e+01 & 1.781590e+02 ;;; Heat Capacity - Isobaric, Vapor - f(T) (J/kg-mol K) PROP-DATA PROP-043 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST CPIGDP PVAL COMP0001 4.587737e+04 1.816897e+05 1.180069e+03 & 1.073770e+05 5.603880e+02 4.536500e+02 & 6.293904e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 4.006603e+04 1.339815e+05 1.212462e+03 & 6.537744e+04 5.474820e+02 4.110500e+02 & 5.927100e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 1.008205e+05 3.069325e+05 1.015102e+03 & 5.145131e+04 5.144480e+02 4.540000e+02 & 6.501000e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 6.012885e+04 2.146973e+05 9.314839e+02 & 8.168005e+04 3.610587e+02 3.703000e+02 & 5.232000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 7.005761e+04 2.951900e+05 9.614975e+02 & 1.280388e+05 4.515520e+02 3.618500e+02 & 5.075000e+02 PVAL C7H8 6.097809e+04 2.393968e+05 1.024290e+03 & 9.691617e+04 5.014879e+02 4.037800e+02 & 5.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 4.182219e+04 6.037493e+04 1.329969e+03 & 5.685219e+04 7.001507e+02 2.797800e+02 & 4.290000e+02 ;;; Surface Tension, Liquid - f(T) (N/m) PROP-DATA PROP-072 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST SIGDIP PVAL COMP0001 9.420335e-02 1.222222e+00 -1.438647e-15 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 2.281500e+02 & 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 6.128924e-02 1.253210e+00 -1.823892e-01 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 2.894900e+02 & 3.910500e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 6.540000e-02 1.036000e+00 8.302732e-15 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 2.966000e+02 & 4.340000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 3.766314e-02 4.509280e-01 2.958506e-01 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.590500e+02 & 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 6.621815e-02 1.219528e+00 1.366299e-02 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.896000e+02 & 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 5.699104e-02 1.344400e+00 -6.891859e-02 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.778300e+02 & 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 6.501337e-02 1.151864e+00 1.109691e-01 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.781590e+02 & 3.837800e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 5.636441e-02 3.927770e-01 1.102329e+00 & 0.000000e+00 0.000000e+00 1.193100e+02 & 2.597800e+02 ;;; Thermal Conductivity, Liquid - f(T) (W/m K) PROP-DATA PROP-076 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST KLDIP PVAL COMP0001 3.802433e-01 -3.006741e-04 -3.845882e-07 & 6.647266e-10 -8.039924e-13 2.281500e+02 & 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 -8.701712e-03 3.858364e-03 -2.041881e-05 & 3.701151e-08 -1.806442e-11 1.590500e+02 & 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 1.290782e-01 1.665701e-03 -1.244269e-05 & 3.339120e-08 -3.297318e-11 1.896000e+02 & 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 -2.500310e-01 7.021176e-03 -4.242407e-05 & 1.072262e-07 -1.005217e-10 1.778300e+02 & 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 1.000239e+00 -1.142708e-02 5.857321e-05 & -1.351569e-07 1.155620e-10 1.781590e+02 & 3.837800e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 2.008307e-01 -5.962303e-04 2.372664e-06 & -8.217527e-09 1.051381e-11 1.193100e+02 & 2.597800e+02 ;;; Thermal Conductivity, Vapor - f(T) (W/m K) PROP-DATA PROP-077 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST KVDIP PVAL COMP0001 1.393372e+02 4.469455e-01 2.962346e+07 & 4.033787e+09 0.000000e+00 4.336500e+02 & 6.293904e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 1.078641e+02 5.843709e-01 4.623914e+07 & 1.317093e+10 0.000000e+00 3.910500e+02 & 5.927100e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 1.443362e+02 4.569623e-01 2.466377e+07 & 7.036743e+09 0.000000e+00 4.340000e+02 & 6.501000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 1.303394e+02 4.941491e-01 2.783475e+07 & 4.818654e+09 0.000000e+00 3.514400e+02 & 5.139200e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 9.569351e+01 6.087836e-01 5.568354e+07 & 1.024454e+10 0.000000e+00 3.503000e+02 & 5.232000e+02 PVAL C7H8 1.183434e+02 5.234997e-01 3.659899e+07 & 6.595862e+09 0.000000e+00 3.837800e+02 & 5.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 1.267157e+02 4.692255e-01 3.834019e+07 & 2.048585e+09 0.000000e+00 2.597800e+02 & 4.290000e+02 ;;; Vapor Pressure, Liquid - f(T) (Pa) PROP-DATA PROP-081 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST PLXANT PVAL COMP0001 2.591084e+02 -1.772783e+04 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -3.472999e+01 2.215810e-05 & 2.000000e+00 2.281500e+02 6.293904e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.062412e+02 -1.276232e+04 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -2.773261e+01 2.274418e-05 & 2.000000e+00 2.894900e+02 5.927100e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 9.736847e+01 -1.026752e+04 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -1.020580e+01 -1.063343e-06 & 2.000000e+00 2.966000e+02 6.501000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 7.605423e+01 -7.242142e+03 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -7.561112e+00 3.253740e-06 & 2.000000e+00 1.590500e+02 5.139200e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 9.938958e+01 -7.285610e+03 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -1.164838e+01 9.629242e-06 & 2.000000e+00 1.896000e+02 5.232000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 -3.082076e+01 -2.913823e+03 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 9.373901e+00 -3.273266e-05 & 2.000000e+00 1.778300e+02 5.075000e+02 PVAL C7H8 9.477739e+01 -7.426150e+03 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 -1.094229e+01 8.174450e-06 & 2.000000e+00 1.781590e+02 5.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 5.476660e+00 -2.772418e+03 0.000000e+00 & 0.000000e+00 3.217776e+00 -1.771340e-05 & 2.000000e+00 1.193100e+02 4.290000e+02 ;;; Viscosity, Liquid - f(T) (Pa s) PROP-DATA PROP-082 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST MULDIP PVAL COMP0001 -6.186702e+02 2.429829e+04 9.486495e+01 & -1.174673e-04 2.000000e+00 2.281500e+02 & 4.336500e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 -1.034990e+01 1.334958e+03 -1.638620e-01 & 2.915389e-07 2.000000e+00 2.894900e+02 & 3.910500e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 -1.050115e+01 1.407687e+03 -1.152370e-01 & -4.313594e-06 2.000000e+00 1.590500e+02 & 3.514400e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 -1.514533e+02 4.820506e+03 2.328098e+01 & -5.754000e-05 2.000000e+00 1.896000e+02 & 3.503000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 -7.755026e+01 2.802394e+03 1.090153e+01 & -2.346375e-05 2.000000e+00 1.778300e+02 & 3.418500e+02 PVAL C7H8 -1.048193e+01 1.020627e+03 -7.471543e-02 & -7.017587e-08 2.000000e+00 1.781590e+02 & 3.837800e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 6.676930e+01 -1.206551e+03 -1.323765e+01 & 4.783094e-05 2.000000e+00 1.193100e+02 & 2.597800e+02 ;;; Viscosity, Vapor - f(T) (Pa s) PROP-DATA PROP-083 IN-UNITS SI PROP-LIST MUVDIP PVAL COMP0001 4.735916e-06 3.598056e-01 1.145397e+03 & -3.817588e+04 2.000000e+00 4.336500e+02 & 7.293904e+02 PVAL C2H4O2-1 2.440053e-06 2.831517e-01 -4.599899e+02 & 2.329508e+05 2.000000e+00 3.910500e+02 & 6.927100e+02 PVAL C6H12O-1 4.497689e-06 3.505101e-01 1.144808e+03 & -8.714860e+03 2.000000e+00 4.340000e+02 & 7.501000e+02 PVAL C2H6O-2 3.825760e-06 3.695855e-01 9.181305e+02 & -5.035122e+04 2.000000e+00 3.514400e+02 & 6.139200e+02 PVAL C4H8O2-3 6.937427e-06 2.664334e-01 9.014300e+02 & 1.577375e+04 2.000000e+00 3.503000e+02 & 6.232000e+02 PVAL C6H14-1 2.823756e-06 3.734329e-01 8.814128e+02 & -3.043933e+04 2.000000e+00 3.418500e+02 & 6.075000e+02 PVAL C7H8 4.556312e-06 2.693658e-01 3.840691e+02 & 7.451829e+04 2.000000e+00 3.837800e+02 & 6.917500e+02 PVAL C2H3CL 5.019800e-06 3.302215e-01 6.594763e+02 & 5.028406e+02 2.000000e+00 2.597800e+02 & 5.290000e+02