CRANIUM, Professional Edition v4.2 - Installation Procedure

Version 4.2 is an older version of Cranium. It is the last minor update for major version 4. We recommend you upgrade to the newest version of Cranium (see here). If you are certain you would like to install version 4.2, then follow the instructions below. Click here to see some of the new capabilities that were included in 4.2.

Complete the form below, click the 'Download Update' button. The download page will be displayed. Click the download link, and execute the installer program to install the latest version of Cranium.

Warning: installing this update will remove previous versions of Cranium. If you do not have a license for Cranium version 4.2, you will no longer be able to run your previous version. Please contact Molecular Knowledge Systems to obtain major upgrade details.

First Name (required):

Last Name (required):

Company (required):

Human Check (required) - Please check this box:

  1. Make sure you have a license to Cranium 4.0, 4.1, or 4.2. Contact us if you are not sure or would like to upgrade your license to the current version.
  2. In the form on the lower left, enter your first name, last name and company name. Then check the "human Check" checkbox.
  3. Press the "Download Update" button located in the lower left corner of this page. Your browser will display the download webpage.
  4. Click on the download update link in the webpage.

    Your browser will download the upgrade installation program. (Click here if your browser stated that it blocked the download.)

  5. Once the installation program has been downloaded. Click the Open File link in the browser to begin the installation.