CRANIUM, Professional Edition v3.2 - Property Estimation Software

Version 3.2 is an older version of Cranium. It is the last minor update for major version 4. We recommend you use the newest version of the Professional Edition of Cranium (click here). If you are certain you would like to install version 3.2, then follow the instructions below.

Version 3.2 contained numerous new capabilities as well as improved property estimation, graphing, reporting and bookmarking. Some of the new capabilities are detailed below.

Installation Options:

  • Complete Version: If you are running Cranium 3.0, 3.1 or are reinstalling version 3.2, click here for instructions.
Version 3.2, January 2019
New Capability: Online documentation for Cranium

All of Cranium's documentation is now online. This provides a much richer level of information and allows for continuous updating and expansion. Click here for the table of contents.

New Capability: Goal seek estimation

You are now able to enter a desired physical property value and estimate the temperature, pressure, and composition that will produce that value. See here for documentaion.

New Capability: Regression of data values and estimates

Numerous dialogs enable you to regress values into a large variety of equations. See here for documentation.

New Capability: Store equation parameters for each chemical's physical property

You can now store equation parameters for temperature, pressure and composition dependent properties on each chemical and mixture page. This capability is integrated with the new regression capability, i.e., parameters regressed from a chemical's or mixture's data or estimates can be easily stored with the entity's values. See here for additional details.

New Capability: Curve values can now be stored in knowledge bases

You can add 'curve values' which will be displayed in field graphs in addition to data and estimated values. Curve value graphs are very useful for organizing the visual appearance of physical property data. In particular, when data at several different temperatures and pressures are present.

See the documentation here for futher details.

New Capability: Physical property values can be easily compiled

You can quickly and easily compile physical property values, data and estimates, for pure chemicals and mixtures. The Values Compilation Dialog displays the compiled values, a histogram, and a set of summary statistics.

See the documentation here for additional details.

Change: All composition array are now zero-based

All estimation techniques now use zero based compositions. For example, when referencing a binary mixture, the first component is 'Comp 0' and the second component is 'Comp 1'.

Change: We have added "MKS" to the name of each supplied technique

All techniques supplied by Molecular Knowledge systems now have an '[MKS]' suffix. This was done to help distinguish techniques we provide from your own techniques. As always, we recommend you make a copy of one our techniques if you plan to modify it.

Version 3.1, July 2018
  • Graph Analysis: xy and triangular graphs can now be examined in detail. Displays may be zoomed, values may be regressed and individual points detailed.
  • Scratch Pad Dialog: the new Scratch Pad Dialog helps you keep notes, generate calculated values and arrange values for pasting into Cranium's dialogs.
  • More Graphing Capabilities: notes and shapes can now be added to XY and Triangular graphs.
  • Library Based Links: linked documents, e.g., reference documents and associated documents, can now include 'virtual prefixes' allowing document locations to be easily updated when the source location changes.